I am currently a Post-doctoral fellow in Machine Learning and Robotics at the LASA team at EPFL under the supervision of Prof. Aude Billard. My work focuses on effectively combining reinforcement learning methods with traditional robotics control and dynamical system-based learning methods for data-efficient learning. My work is funded by the ERC "SAHR" and the CHIST-ERA "CORSMAL" projects.



I defended my PhD in Robotics and Machine Learning entitled ''Micro-Data Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Robots'' on 14th December 2018 (University of Lorraine and Inria Nancy, LARSEN Team under the supervision of Dr. Jean-Baptiste Mouret). My work focused on studying and providing abilities to autonomous robots to be able to compensate for unknown situations (such as damages) using machine learning techniques and evolutionary computation. My work was funded by the ERC "ResiBots" project.